Welcome To Navbharat Carbon

Welcome to the world of ultra modern jewellery making tools, consumables and machinery provided to you, by your very own Navbharat Carbon Company. This organization has been your friendly tool provider for over 40 years. The extensive range & excellent quality of our products provide our esteemed customers with the best of the world right here in India. The unbelievably low prices and excellent service provided by our 5 branches and 3 dealers through-out the country is unmatched. Our organization employs over 100 employees all over India, engaged in manufacturing, marketing, testing and quality control. We are India's largest manufacturer of graphite crucibles used for melting metal and various uses.

We are the official distributors of:
Kerr (U.S.A), R&R Powders(U.S.A), Castaldo, Vallorbe (Switzerland), United P.M.R (U.S.A), Ferris (U.S.A), Foredom (U.S.A.), Saeshin (Korea), & exclusive distributors for Brightboy / Cratex (U.S.A), Freeman (U.S.A), Busch & Co. (Germany), Wacker (Germany) & Berkem (Italy). This catalogue consists of the extensive range of crucibles, tools & consumables in the following section.